Secrets in Roma
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Quincy Weigert - Secrets in Roma

Rating: 3.3 Votes: 4
Artist: Quincy Weigert
Title: Secrets in Roma
Catalog: NTR015
Released: 11.03.2022
Type: EP
Exploring the underground with a continued focus on Tech, Progressive and Trance sounds, Quincy shows a different side to his production with two original tracks. The EP kicks off with Secrets in Roma! Driving basslines build a relentless energy while eccentric FX make their way into an arena sized melody section fit for the Colosseum. On the flip side, another masterful effort takes shape in the form of First Order. A bold and powerful bassline provides the perfect foundation while unique percussive layers generate tension. All the while a huge industrial hook slowly creeps in, building and taking control to the climax, leaving the dance floor in an absolute frenzy!
1. Quincy Weigert - Secrets in Roma (Original Mix) 6:09
2. Quincy Weigert - First Order (Original Mix) 4:27
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