Near You
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Ion Blue & Cold Rush & Danny Claire - Near You

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Title: Near You
Catalog: AMSTR035A
Released: 11.03.2022
Type: Single
Not many EDM or Trance artists manage to break from Cyprus music scene but thats all about to change with the arrival of Louis Louizou aka Ion Blue and his lush Amsterdam Trance Records debut Near you. This single is a real joint European effort as Ion Blue shares the credits with Estonian producers Cold Rush (winners of the Armada Emma Hewitt Remix competition) and Romanian vocalist Danny.

Near You is one of those Vocal Trance records that go under your skin and leave you pressing the play button again!

Переиздание 2013-го года - discogs
01. Near You (Ion Blue edit) 03:30
02. Near You (Cold Rush edit) 03:34
03. Near You (Ion Blue remix) 07:10
04. Near You (Cold Rush remix) 07:27
05. Near You (Ion Blue dub) 06:33
06. Near You (Cold Rush dub) 06:57

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Ion Blue mix - топ
13 Mar 2022 в 20:31
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Ion Blue mix - топ Показать больше
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И правда!😳😳😳 Затмение какое-то...
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