Sanctuary (Remixes)
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Smr Lve & Christina Novelli - Sanctuary (Remixes)

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Title: Sanctuary (Remixes)
Catalog: ALWAYSA301RE
Released: 13.03.2020
Type: Single
Always Alive brings you the first of three SMR LVE remix packs - and first up is 'Sanctuary'!

The original with Christina Novelli is a classic trance anthem with a sleek, modern touch, and now it gets the remix treatment from Daniel Kandi and Suprafive.

Daniel Kandi's remix is typically immaculate and undeniably euphoric, just as we've come to expect from the label head / trance veteran, while Bulgarian producer Suprafive delivers a house rework that definitely isn't to be missed!

Daniel Kandi and Suprafive remix SMR LVE, here on Always Alive!
01. SMR LVE & Christina Novelli - Sanctuary (Daniel Kandi Extended Remix) (7:39)
02. SMR LVE & Christina Novelli - Sanctuary (Suprafive Extended Remix) (4:47)

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