505 / If Not
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Diversion - 505 / If Not

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Artist: Diversion
Title: 505 / If Not
Catalog: ENCOLOR066
Released: 24.11.2014
Type: EP
Diversion continues to impress - his latest EP offering '505/If Not' provides all the hallmarks we're becoming used to and loving from the progressive genius.

'If Not' serves as a deep and moody yet bouncy number, filled with intricate touches and nuances which set Diversion out from the crowd, on the flip '505' continues in the same vein - Diversion's penchant for the dark & muddy means '505' is a truly atmospheric production with soulful vocals, resonating chords and juddering bass.

Yet again another complete EP from Diversion, filled with atmospheric FX and underlying groove.
01. Diversion - 505 (Original Mix) (6:30)
02. Diversion - If Not (Original Mix) (5:57)

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