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Pleiadians - Thuban

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Artist: Pleiadians
Title: Thuban
Catalog: PWR206
Released: 01.03.2022
Type: Single
Pleiadians are two legendary artists, coming with single release, Thuban.
Powerful track with powerful energy, about to drop into the world of psy.

They are Goa and psychedelic trance group from Italy forged in the 90's as a spin-off from Etnica.
The new project was created upon request from a certain label as they didn't like the idea of the band releasing material with another label.
Pleiadians since then focused on the production of more sci-fi oriented psychedelic trance music.
They are still producing and performing around the globe under this name.
Carlo Paternò left the project in 1998 and Andrea Rizzo left in summer 1999.

Members: Maurizio Begotti & Max Lanfranconi
1. Thuban (original mix) (9:49)
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