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Hemstock & Sabastien - Resurgence

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Artist: Hemstock, Sabastien
Title: Resurgence
Label: Azura Ink
Catalog: AZINK012
Released: 15.03.2022
Type: Single
Kicking off 2022 in style, trance legend 'Les Hemstock' and rising trance talent 'Nigel Whorlow' aka Sabastien have joined forces for an incredible uplifting production. Full of energy, perfect harmonies and a sense of euphoria, this is Resurgence!
Turn up the volume and play this bombastic trance track loudly. This is Hemstock & Sabastien - Resurgence. A new release of Azura INK!
1. Hemstock & Sabastien - Resurgence (Extended Mix) 6:58
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