Quantum Audio Laboratory
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Nervasystem - Quantum Audio Laboratory

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Artist: Nervasystem
Title: Quantum Audio Laboratory
Catalog: MD070
Released: 14.03.2022
Type: EP
Matsuri Digital is delighted to announce a very special release, an EP featuring 3 phenomenal tracks by a veteran artist of the scene who released on Matsuri 25 years ago: Nervaystem!

Drezz Dressler's project Nervasystem was a popular act in the exploratory scene in the 90s and he continues with his boundary-breaking creativity here in three outside-the-box tracks that get the body moving and consciousness expanding.

The three titles of this incredible collection - 3x +1, Course Correction Cypher, and On The Far Side of Blackholes - are four-on-the-floor stormers that emphasize groove rather than frenetic momentum, with atonal melodic riffs that don't overuse upper frequencies, as well as hypnotic harmonies, a creative variety of sounds, and evolutionary and experiential storylines.

This EP is an exciting return to Matsuri from a fantastic formative artist of the 90s scene - be sure to check out these new masterpieces by Nervasystem!
01. 3x + 1 (Original Mix) [08:15]
02. Course Correction Cypher (Original Mix) [07:23]
03. On The Far Side Of Black Holes (Original Mix) [08:07]


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