Over the World's Clouds
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Yusuke Teranishi - Over the World's Clouds

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Title: Over the World's Clouds
Catalog: SYC100
Released: 28.12.2020
Type: Album
Here at Synth, we're absolutely thrilled to unveil our 100th release! It's been an incredible journey, one that wouldn't had been possible without the passion, dedication and talent of a myriad of artists and without the constant support of the ever growing melodic progressive scene, that we're proudly being part of.
For this extraordinary milestone, we have the debut album of an artist that has captured the audience with his vividly imaginative productions, none other than Japan's own, Yusuke Teranishi.
Dedicated to the vastness and grandness of space, with 'Over the World's Clouds', Yusuke has crafted a mesmerising sonic adventure from start to finish, from his personal take of a space prog opera with the title track and 'Cosmonaut', to the romantic progressive ballad 'When she smiles', to the dusk-themed '2am' and the ever sundrenched 'Coral reef' and the retro-tinged 'Feels alright'.
Featuring names like Nils Karr, Cosmaks, Yasin Guven, Jan Martin, Inxisiv and Sogabe for visionary collabs, the album is an embodiment of pure emotion, power and musical meditation.
Fans of deeply emotive music will have much to enjoy as Yusuke's talent will capture their interest with a wide array of styles, from melodic progressive pieces to ambient and chill and even synthwave.
Seeking new heights with his music, this is Yusuke Teranishi and his magical debut album 'Over the world's clouds'.

01. Yusuke Teranishi - The World Tree (Original Mix) 3:37
02. Yusuke Teranishi - Over the World's Clouds (Original Mix) 10:15
03. Nils Karr & Yusuke Teranishi - When She Smiles (Original Mix) 7:25
04. Yusuke Teranishi & Inxisiv - Departure (Original Mix) 7:38
05. Yusuke Teranishi - Innocence (Original Mix) 7:52
06. Yusuke Teranishi - Into the Twilight (Original Mix) 6:54
07. Yasin Guven & Yusuke Teranishi - Coral Reef (Original Mix) 6:27
08. Cosmaks & Yusuke Teranishi - Shine (Original Mix) 7:25
09. Yusuke Teranishi - 2am (Original Mix) 6:51
10. Jan Martin & Yusuke Teranishi - Feels Alright (Original Mix) 6:51
11. Yusuke Teranishi - Moments (Starlit Night Mix) 10:34
12. Yusuke Teranishi - As Time Goes By (Dawning Mix) 6:34
13. Yusuke Teranishi - Cosmonaut (Original Mix) 7:16
14. Yusuke Teranishi feat. Shuntaro Sogabe - Everlasting (Original Mix) 8:26
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