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IR - Rebirth

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Artist: IR
Title: Rebirth
Catalog: OSO002
Released: 24.08.2020
Type: EP
IR is a Bucharest based DJ & producer whose melodic footprint speaks louder than words and he comes to our imprint with a 3-tracker EP called 'Rebirth' full of a new melodic & deep perspective.
These majestic three-part orchestrations are running over twenty minutes.
Announcing itself with punchy kick drums, deep and rumbling bass, the 'Rebirth' is a suave and emotion-tinged melodic track that transports you on an ethereal terrain.
The 'Overdrop' is suitable for every melodic DJ, a suite that breaks the hypnotic boundaries and mesmerizes you with its beauty strings, percussion lines, and drum kick power.
The EP is ended by 'A bit strange', a harmonious track with a leading synthesizer that alternates with multiple percussions and dark notes that carry us to the hypnotic climax of our experience. The result is just majestic.

1. IR - Rebirth (Original Mix) 8:25
2. IR - Overdrop (Original Mix) 7:54
3. IR - A Bit Strange (Original Mix) 7:54
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