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Beacon Bloom - Droplet

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Artist: Beacon Bloom
Title: Droplet
Label: Beat & Path
Catalog: BNP032
Released: 25.09.2020
Type: Single

1. Droplet (07:16)
2. Droplet [Niko Schwind Remix] (07:22)
3. Droplet [Jamie Stevens & Joe Miller Remix] (06:54)

‘Droplet’ is an electronica journey of haunting vocals and walls of hypnotic ocean-like synths, driven along by the low end of deep house. The track takes thematic inspiration from the planetary water cycle and the following premise: as we are all ultimately one, there is nothing to fear.
Beacon Bloom are an ethereal, genre-fluid electronica act hidden away in New Zealand. ‘Droplet’ is the band’s debut release with the Australia and New Zealand based boutique label Beat and Path. For Beacon Bloom, 2021 will start with multiple festival performances in New Zealand and a potential European tour (dependent on COVID-19).
For his take on ‘Droplet’, Niko Schwind lets his composition skills loose, adding a heartfelt breakdown, a woozy, stuttering riff and a punching bassline. The result is crisp and DJ-friendly, accentuating all the wistfulness of Beacon Bloom’s original while keeping energy levels high. This is a remix that’s perfectly tailored for the final moment of an outdoor festival.
Jamie Stevens and Joe Miller take the left-hand path on this one, veering down a twilit road where creatures scuttle and shadows flit out the corners of your eyes. Restrained but resolute, this version is for fans of Pampa Records and the dark surge of energy that comes from understated midnight DJ sets.

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