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Argia - Balada

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Artist: Argia
Title: Balada
Label: Asli
Catalog: ASLI012
Released: 21.12.2020
Type: EP

1. Balada (07:21)
2. Empty Night (06:33)
3. Ciudad Metal (06:13)
4. Ciudad Metal [YOST KOEN REMIX] (07:49)
5. Balada [SILICODISCO REMIX] (06:19)

In those strange moments, when everyone searches for the lights of simplicity, we found a magical tune that deserves to be lunch to our world
Argia is what we describe as the pure Soul of an artist,
Her music gives us a glimpse into her soul, In elegant, playful, and deep emotions.
In this very strange year 2020, we found ourselves trying to take it to next level of creativity.
for this ep, Helena’s idea started from sampling a phrase that she heard on the radio and found it energetic and powerful.
The whole ep was built around it, supported by a powerful synthesis that made it grow to this beautiful release.
this time we present to you a release with 5 tracks, 3 original+ 2 wonderful remixes by the finest producers, Yost koen & silicodisco that will discover a new world of tunes.
Balada is a dynamic piece, with disco tints.
Joyfully, it tells you a story that happens at night, when you meet your group of friends and go out with no other intention than to have fun and disconnect your mind for a while.
It was born influenced by the clear current trend to return to the sounds of the late 80s in Valencia, a musical genre that always influences ‘argia’ when composing.
Ciudad Metal is an enormously intimate work where you can feel part of helena’s personality. It is an intense ocean, which moves strongly and never stops working through its melodic waves. It is a strong and delicate track at the same time. It reflects the constancy when undertaking something new, something that you care about and that excites you. The effort has to be constant and combine persistence and sweetness. It is not necessarily focused on making you dance, but on making you think.
Empty Night has been created during the confinement stage and its name reflects it.
It is a track that goes from less to more, with an arpeggio that constantly asks itself: What is happening? Will everything go back to the way it was before? Will I ever feel the same again? It is a soundtrack with warm percussions that dance to the same intimate rhythm

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