Psilocybin Therapy
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BEC - Psilocybin Therapy

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Artist: BEC
Title: Psilocybin Therapy
Label: Terminal M
Catalog: TERM193
Released: 11.01.2021
Type: EP

1. Psilocybin Therapy (07:00)
2. Psilocybin Therapy [Egbert Remix] (06:56)
3. Energy (06:43)

I am happy to welcome the talented woman BEC on my label! She delivered two amazing tracks in her very unique style, harder but with a sexy groove and deep melodies. The dutch producer Egbert put his hands on Psilocybin Therapy and gave the track a dark atmosphere, it is hard to say which version is the best. Lets get high on that music! (Monika Kruse)

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