Video Nasties
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James Demon - Video Nasties

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Artist: James Demon
Title: Video Nasties
Catalog: CO 25
Released: 29.12.2020
Type: EP
1. Death Awaits (04:25)
2. Eldritch (07:03)
3. Be Kind Please Rewind (06:19)
4. Field Of Nightmares (05:43)
James Demon emerges from the depths of the shadow for a new release of sonic wonders. The 4-track EP “Video Nasties” showcases James signature horror fueled techno style. Telling a complete story from beginning to end the inspiration for these tracks came from the banned video nasty VHS tapes from the 80s and 90s. James Demon himself coming from a film background has infused his additional passion for film into all his productions since the very beginning, while combing that with his love for post-punk and industrial techno, he creates a sound that is unique to himself and he is always toying with the idea of finding the light within the darkness. His passion for techno began in the 90s as a young raver that lead him to his path in life as a DJ, producer and label owner for alternative techno imprint Occultists. Always drawn to the more obscure music sounds, this is reflected in his own productions and artistic projects to create something unique and special in an over saturated industry.

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