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Kevin Vega - Shinto

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Artist: Kevin Vega
Title: Shinto
Label: Future Avenue
Catalog: FA036
Released: 31.12.2020
Type: EP
Founded in 2020 Future Avenue is an electronic music imprint which operates under the Sound Avenue umbrella. Sitting alongside fellow subdivisions 3rd Avenue and Crossfade Sounds, Future Avenue looks to provide a home for new and rising talent. With an ethos centred around progressive music and its surrounding derivatives, the label is a platform which gives up and coming artists a chance to showcase their music alongside established veterans as they carve out their own musical identity.
The 36th release welcomes Kevin Vega from Belgium to the label with his Shinto EP.

1. Kevin Vega - Shinto (Original Mix) 7:44
2. Kevin Vega - Naga (Original Mix) 7:12
3. Kevin Vega - Gilgamesh (Original Mix) 7:44
1 Jan 2021 в 07:38
Gilgamesh (Original Mix) — very taste!
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