Deep Dream
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THE SPY - Deep Dream

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Artist: THE SPY
Title: Deep Dream
Label: Sticky Ground
Catalog: STG021
Released: 01.01.2021
Type: EP
1. Deep Dream (05:41)
2. Touch Of Tears (06:13)
3. Guilty Operator (05:35)
4. Acid Structures (06:20)
5. Deep Dream [E-bony Remix] (04:36)
6. Guilty Operator [Casper Hastings Remix] (06:07)
Sticky Ground is delighted to bring you STG021, introducing The Spy! We have strongly wanted a release from this producer based in the Netherlands that has always had a very unique and characteristic sound. Sound you might have met before with a couple powerful tracks contributed on our Leaks VAs over the years (also under the SORN alias). Raw is the name of his game, with powerful electro influences and powerful melodies, and lots of groove in the beats. And thats what this EP is about.
On remix duties we have both a new and a well-know face: E-bony, who is a very promising actor of Tel-Aviv electronic music scene (as you will hear in his take), and Casper Hastings, a man clearly able to effortlessly provide powerful electro bangers with the same ease as he does with techno.
Enjoy the trip :)
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