Too Many
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Felix Raphael - Too Many

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Artist: Felix Raphael
Title: Too Many
Label: Sangraal
Catalog: SAN001
Released: 12.06.2020
Type: EP
Your time has come to make one small step closer towards unconditional happiness, eternal youth and hedonistic existence in infinite abundance, but only mentally, metaphorically and musically. The first drop from our chalice comes from the German producer and singer Felix Raphael. He sends us to the melancholic dimension of the gentle voice of Felix and his pleasant guitar riffs alongside the synthesizing breaths. Berlin-based producer Zigan Aldi takes the lyric approach of the original mix on the firm and steady groove. Taste this, until you can. Elusive. Infinite. Wondrous.

1. Felix Raphael - Too Many (Original Mix) 7:12
2. Felix Raphael - Too Many (Zigan Aldi Remix) 7:15
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