Take Me Away
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Ben Gold & Benjamin Duchenne - Take Me Away

Rating: 4.3 Votes: 19
Title: Take Me Away
Catalog: ARCV178
Released: 08.04.2022
Type: Single
Banging out a high-octane track in tandem with Benjamin Duchenne, Ben Gold shows once more why he's been a staple act in the trance scene for so long. Full of energy and uplifting intentions, 'Take Me Away' is able to sweep fans off their feet in every setting, from living room listening sessions to mainstage mayhem.
Ben Gold & Benjamin Duchenne - Take Me Away (Extended Mix) 5:32
8 Apr 2022 в 16:36
ееееееееееееее, наконец-то вышел мега супер сингл от голда!!!
9 Apr 2022 в 19:15
Как все последние работы - на 5
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