Happiness Happening (Rub!k Remix)
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Lost Witness - Happiness Happening (Rub!k Remix)

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Artist: Lost Witness
Title: Happiness Happening (Rub!k Remix)
Catalog: ARCV180
Released: 15.04.2022
Type: Single
Putting his remix capabilities to the test again, Armada Captivating regular Rub!k wreaks havoc with his incendiary edit of Lost Witness' 1999 classic 'Happiness Happening'. Having already sparked a fire within Trance fans as one of the standout singles on Mark Sixma's 'Elements II' mix album, this rendition marries the timeless vocal with a beefed-up production to ensure maximum impact on modern-day dance floors.
Lost Witness - Happiness Happening (Rub!k Extended Remix) 5:27
14 Apr 2022 в 22:48
The original one is an all time classic, I just love it
15 Apr 2022 в 06:48
Тут только может  рулить Allen&Envy Remix 👍👍👍💣💣💣
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