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Calzedon Guy - Nothing

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Artist: Calzedon Guy
Title: Nothing
Catalog: SMD243
Released: 04.01.2021
Type: Single
An artist influenced by 1980s icons Depeche Mode and The Cure, Peter Szabo has carved out an impressive name for himself under a variety of production monikers. Represented on his Suffused Music debut by his Calzedon Guy alter-ego, the Hungarian artist has continued to advance the underground house scene since an October 2017 debut for Techno Vinyls Records. Going on to feature on the likes of Stellar Fountain, Astrowave and Clinique, "Nothing" is characterised by a rich rhythmic framework that lilts hypnotically across the near 9-minute piece. Delayed stabs enter the fray at the second movement as a spoken sample adds intrigue. Subtle pads provide texture and depth as the track progresses into the second half in a stripped back offering of impressive creativity.

An artist with a growing portfolio of music to his name, Sapienta has ridden the crest of a wave over the course of 2020. Making his debut for Star Drive Records in February, an array of original and remix production material has gone on to feature for Stellar Fountain, Consapevole Recordings and the ever-impressive Suprematic in December. Another Suffused Music debutant, the Sapienta remix bristles with energy as a heavy beat, chugging percussive groove and growling bassline lay the foundations for new melodies to evolve out of the original. Echoing Calzedon Guy's motifs at the breakdown, a swathe of original production material is wrapped around "Nothing" to create a unique and impressive interpretation that makes its mark in the third movement with evocative counterpoint phrasing.

Another 2020 entrant into the underground dance scene, Secretvision has impressed with an eclectic release portfolio that include progressive house, trance and techno offerings since a March debut for Techno Vinyls Records. Going on to feature for the likes of Astrowave, Puzzle Music Underground and LW Recordings, the Hungarian artist who had imagined a life as an electronic music producer from childhood, provides another unique remix of "Nothing". Paying close attention to the melodic themes of the original, a sparkling arpeggio adds another layer of intrigue which develops further at the breakdown in reduced tempo phrasing that builds in energy into the third movement. A powerful beat and rapid-fire hi-hat percussion provide a more than capable rhythmic framework to carry the melodic elements in an intelligent and dynamic interpretation.

An accomplished DJ with over 130 mixes to his name for Hungarian radio's, TopFM, Modular Gate is a name that has had a connection with music from the start of the millennium. Reflecting his "massive but melodic" style, a 2014 debut for SoundKeeK Records began a career that has gone on to see music released on Hot Cue Music, Astrowave and Trippy Code. Appearing on Suffused Music for the first time, the Hungarian's remix retains the original's melodic theme at its core, while adding a powerful randomly triggered arpeggio that creates forward momentum. Additional chord structure and a 'wall of sound' breakdown hit hard before continuing into the third movement. A distinctive dub cadence adds to the Modular Gate remix of "Nothing" in an interpretation that pays tribute to his "maximalism" approach to music.

1. Calzedon Guy - Nothing (Original Mix) 8:38
2. Calzedon Guy - Nothing (Sapienta Remix) 7:50
3. Calzedon Guy - Nothing (Secretvision Remix) 6:15
4. Calzedon Guy - Nothing (Modular Gate Remix) 9:16
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