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Loortex & Natasha Syberia - Caged

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Title: Caged
Catalog: BP9922020
Released: 04.01.2021
Type: EP
Loortex aka Russian DJ and producer Denis Grebenkov debuts on Bonzai Progressive alongside singer, songwriter Natasha Syberia, with this release also marking their collaborative debut. Denis has been around for a while now; he has seen releases under several aliases including Keksu and Denart. He also runs his label Escenda where he has released 3 albums already. Loortex has the sounds and the production skills to stamp out a solid mark, we've no doubt the world will be seeing much more from him. Natasha is also no stranger to the scene. Under her Syberia guise, she was the lead singer in the Once in Milano rock band. She has been involved in music since her childhood, mastering the piano and violin. Delighted to have both on board.

The Original Mix is a deep, brash slow burner. Strong beats and flurries of percussions set up a smooth rhythmic flow as dark, tonal sounds converge. Mesmerizing strings and soft voices combine for a surreal effect as hypnotic arpeggios weave delicate melodies. Natasha's voice melts into the groove, luring us in with her siren sound and adding character to the dark groove.

Greg S returns alongside Christopher Donk on remix duties. We last saw these guys on Greg's Desire release where Christopher provided a solid remix. Greg S fell in love with electronic music in the 90's. In 2012 he was ready to chase his dream of playing in the clubs he partied in many years ago. He became a resident at Boccaccio and it wasn't long before festival organisers wanted him on their stages. Starting out as a DJ, Christopher soon became embroiled in production towards the end of the 90's. His tracks saw releases on several compilations including Serious Beats and Ministry Of Sound. On the remix here, the guys have delivered a beautifully fresh vibe, with a hint of Summer that will warm the cold evenings ahead. A rich Balearic vibe oozes off the groove as the vocal raises the hairs on your neck. Plucky basses and swirling pads are joined by sweeping FX for the perfect combo that will get you in the mood.

Belgian musical wizard Manu Riga is back on remix duties once again, and this one follows a string of quality remixes over the last few months, notably for Andy Woldman and Jon Voorn. His last full release, Last Grain Of Sand, saw great support, which is no surprise given his status in the community. Always a pleasure having Manu here at BP. The remix delivers the goods here, and does so in style. Manu's interpretation takes us down a more classic, warm, rolling groove. Big synth stabs lurk as steady beats clear a rhythmic path. The voices are used beautifully, adding a richness to the sound while hypnotic percussions add a tribal element. On the break, you find yourself in the middle of a tense cinematic scene which resolves back to the main groove with a vocal climax. Top-notch, not to be missed.

1. Loortex feat. Natasha Syberia - Caged (Original Mix) 6:30
2. Loortex feat. Natasha Syberia - Caged (Greg S & Christopher Phonk Remix) 6:05
3. Loortex feat. Natasha Syberia - Caged (Manu Riga Remix) 7:29
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