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Desire - Escape

Rating: 4.5 Votes: 11
Artist: Desire
Title: Escape
Catalog: 196429033412
Released: 03.05.2022
Type: Album
01 Black Latex 4:41
02 Telling Me Lies 4:07
03 Liquid Dreams 3:16
04 Love Is a Crime [ft. Mirage] 3:27
05 Zeros 4:19
06 Dark Age 2:14
07 Haenim [ft. Ether] 4:19
08 Ghosts 3:37
09 Escape 3:34
10 The Young and the Restless 3:05
11 Days & Nights 3:23
12 L’Amulette de Vie 1:09
13 Friends & Enemies 4:14

Written & Produced By Johnny Jewel (Chromatics)

Desire—the Italians Do It Better project fronted by Megan Louise—announced the new album Escape in April 2020. Two years later, the album has a concrete release date: It’s out May 3 via Italians Do It Better. The album was produced by Johnny Jewel. Watch the video for the new song “Telling Me Lies,” plus find the album’s artwork and tracklist, below. Escape is the second Desire album after the 2009 debut II.
Chromatics, whose last tour featured Desire as an opening act, announced their breakup last year. The band’s announcement was made by all the members aside from Johnny Jewel, and Jewel went unmentioned in the announcement. Jewel’s representative confirmed the breakup in a statement, which did not mention the other three members by name.

2 May 2022 в 17:35
Любители Chromatics оценят альбом
7 May 2022 в 20:11
Отличный альбом! Спасибо!
9 May 2022 в 21:45
Кстати, только сейчас заметил, что тексты на английском, французском и корейском языках, что добавляет еще больше интереса.

Кавер на хит Мадонны хорош

14 May 2022 в 19:04
Вот это вот.. Ээ.. Спасибо большое в общем. Джонни  был в гостях у Дигвида прошлый год. Хороший эфир был
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