Leviathan And The Lone Galleon
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Specific Slice & Sandro Mireno - Leviathan And The Lone Galleon

Rating: 4.4 Votes: 8
Title: Leviathan And The Lone Galleon
Catalog: ABSK102
Released: 06.05.2022
Type: Single
When two amazing producers like Specific Slice and Sandro Mireno team up to create music, you know it will be a remarkable release. They bring a brilliant tune called 'Leviathan And The Lone Galleon' to Abora Skies.

The atmosphere of this track hits you right in the feels owing to nostalgic yet epic harmonies and punchy drums combined with soft pads. The breakdown features violins symphony mixed with epic vocals, this reveals mesmerizing melodies which will lift you to a sensational state of pure vibes.

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1. Leviathan And The Lone Galleon 04:34
2. Leviathan And The Lone Galleon (Intro Mix) 06:00
3. Leviathan And The Lone Galleon (Extended Mix) 06:28
4. Leviathan And The Lone Galleon (Club Mix) 04:59
5. Leviathan And The Lone Galleon (Epic Cinematic Mix) 03:04
5 May 2022 в 17:45
Сандро Мирено - сейчас №1 в жанре эпик-симфоник-транс. Очередной трек-огонь!
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