Devotion (Remixes)
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Sammy Porter & Jess Bays - Devotion (Remixes)

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Title: Devotion (Remixes)
Catalog: ARSBJKT176
Released: 06.05.2022
Type: Single
Nearly two years after their initial team-up, Sammy Porter and Jess Bays bring their funky floor-filler top of mind with a fresh pair of renditions. Complementing the original track with a bangin' version from the former and a soulful and groovalicious from the latter, this two-tap remix pack of 'Devotion' will make clubbers commit to the dance floor all night long.
1. Sammy Porter & Jess Bays - Devotion (Sammy Porter Extended Remix) 5:24
2. Sammy Porter & Jess Bays - Devotion (Jess Bays Extended Remix) 5:02

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