Mantra (Anniversary Remixes)
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Bixx - Mantra (Anniversary Remixes)

Rating: 4.6 Votes: 5
Artist: Bixx
Title: Mantra (Anniversary Remixes)
Catalog: TR130
Released: 06.05.2022
Type: Single
We continue our Anniversary Remixes series with this absolute gem from 2021 - 'Mantra' by BiXX!

Stepping up first with their remix, we welcome none other than Will Rees to Trancespired. The Globe trotting Welsh trance master has certainly delivered something to be proud of here and a track which certainly deserves to find it's way into your cart and your sets. Driving energy is the order of the day as Will pulverises your senses in his uplifting masterpiece. That awesome melody from the original version is catered for in the wonderful breakdown which is serious hands-in-the-air material. The anticipation of the break culminates in a drop which is absolutely guaranteed to send the dancefloor into meltdown. An astounding remix which is a real treat for all uplifting fans.

Second up, and delivering another fantastic remix we welcome back the Swiss talents of Corrado Baggieri. As with Will, Corrado has given his rework an abundance of energy which will provide a perfect addition to any uplifting fan's collection. The breakdown is pure bliss with violin being met with that wonderful, infectious melody carrying you to the floor-shaking drop. A wonderful interpretation from Corrado, which is more than worthy of your attention.

So there we have it, yet another spell-binding release. Be sure to check out both remixes for your favourite...or choose both!
01. BiXX - Mantra (Will Rees Extended Remix) [06:41]
02. BiXX - Mantra (Corrado Baggieri Extended Remix) [07:28]

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