Creators Of Reality
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DJ Ten - Creators Of Reality

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Artist: DJ Ten
Title: Creators Of Reality
Label: Tuned:Flow
Catalog: TF078
Released: 22.04.2022
Type: Single
Scotsman DJ TEN presents his label debut CREATORS OF REALITY on the Swiss Uplifting Trance label.

The UK based DJ, producer and "Trancespired Recordings" label boss has been in the scene since the early 90s, previously admired as a Rave/Hardcore DJ and producer. At around 2018 he has re-invented himself and commenced to create his own new reality in the Trance scene, a style of music he has always been into, even during his heady rave years.

Check out his other offerings so far on his own blossoming label as well as upcoming releases on Phoenix Recordings later this year.
1. Creators of Reality (Extended Mix) 06:50
2. Creators of Reality (Alternative Mix) 07:26
3. Creators of Reality (Radio Mix) 03:49
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