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Vicissu & Benicci & Siara Killer - Changes

Rating: 3.3 Votes: 3
Title: Changes
Catalog: ETC425
Released: 09.05.2022
Type: Single
Who needs CHANGES? A fair question addressed to all of you out there. Raise your hand if you say so, but you have to tell us why and what needs to be changed. Don't just sit around with a grumpy face and attitude, cursing the world and those who want to make it a better place, but not doing something to work actively on your desired changes.
VICISSU, BENICCI & SIARA KILLER made their clear statement in form of a class A melodic house track. An euphoric and uplifting club jam that will set the clubs on fire in the coming months. Hop on the hype train and make some changes yourself. Be on the forefront, fight for your rights and make yourself heard.
Changes (Extended Mix) 6:12
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