Emotional Music on VERSE
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Alternate High - Emotional Music on VERSE

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Artist: Alternate High
Title: Emotional Music on VERSE
Catalog: VRSC011
Released: 23.05.2022
Type: Compilation
VERSE is very excited to release this wonderful compilation of tracks, collabs and remixes by Alternate High, all originally released on VERSE. We think we have some of his most beautiful work and when we listen again to these emotional masterpieces we are always amazed how they have stood the test of time and seem even more beautiful today.

It will be a real treat for his newer fans who may not have heard some of these
wonderful tracks before.

Here at VERSE we hope you will enjoy the music and continue to give us you most appreciated support.
01. Alternate High - Strings Of Destiny (Emotional Mix) 8:52
02. Alternate High - Far Away (Original Mix) 7:49
03. Alternate High - On My Mind (Original Mix) 8:50
04. Alternate High - Strings Of Destiny (Original Mix) 8:33
05. Alternate High - You Are Not Alone (Original Mix) 8:13
06. David Gate - Sad Lovers (Alternate High Remix) 8:36
07. David Surok - Memories Of Spring (Alternate High Remix) 7:23
08. GeorD - Life Force (Alternate High Remix) 8:06
09. The Mechanic & Vindicator - We Rule The World (Alternate High Remix) 8:05
10. The Pulsarix - Destiny (Alternate High Remix) 8:16
11. The Pulsarix & Alternate High - Different Worlds (Alternate High Emotional Remix) 8:18
12. The Mechanic & Vindicator - Children's Dreams (Alternate High Remix) 7:51
13. Alternate High - Rising Tides (The Anthem) (Original Mix) 7:56

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