Rapture (Kevin Mckay Remix)
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Paluma - Rapture (Kevin Mckay Remix)

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Artist: Paluma
Title: Rapture (Kevin Mckay Remix)
Catalog: GU710
Released: 22.04.2022
Type: Single
We love Paluma's take on the Nadia Ali/iiO classic; its bassline energy and sweet skipping synths made a super cool backing for such an iconic song. However, our favourite mix on the OG was the John Creamer & Stephane K rework, and we wanted to hear a version that brought that kind of energy to the party today. We think Kevin McKay has done just that; he's delivered the thumping, bassline-driven, synth-peppered monster we wanted on this mix. Peak-time goodness!
01. Rapture (Kevin Mckay Remix) [02:59]
02. Rapture (Kevin Mckay Extended Remix) [06:07]

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