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Donato Dozzy - K

Rating: 4.7 Votes: 3
Artist: Donato Dozzy
Title: K
Label: Further
Catalog: FUR 018CD
Released: 01.08.2010
Type: Album
A K1 12:27
B1 K2 5:13
B2 K3 8:13
C1 K4 6:35
C2 K5 6:29
D1 K6 3:30
D2 K7 10:12
Seattle label Further heed the calls and finally reissues K, the debut album from highly decorated Italian producer Donato Dozzy. First released back in 2010 across various formats, K laid down an early marker for Dozzy’s capacity to conjure up dubby techno wedged thick with ambience and atmosphere. Across the nine untitled tracks, Dozzy successfully explored a range of styles and tempos – from the dreamy, slo-mo rush of “K4” and wonky soundscape “K6”, to the jagged late night acid of “K7” – whilst retaining a druggy, otherworldly feel. Since original vinyl copies will set you back L30 plus, it’s pleasing to see the album finally getting a deserved reissue. If you missed out first time around, it comes highly recommended, and is packed with such highlights as the dreamy, slo-mo rush of “K4”.
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