I've Been Gone So Long (ReOrder Remix)
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Talla 2XLC & Christina Novelli - I've Been Gone So Long (ReOrder Remix)

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Title: I've Been Gone So Long (ReOrder Remix)
Label: That's Trance
Catalog: TTR029
Released: 13.05.2022
Type: Single
The vocal trance gem I've Been Gone So Long, ex-Beatport trance chart number 1, by Talla 2XLC and Christina Novelli on That's Trance receives the well-worth it remix by the Slovak super-hero ReOrder who brings his own brand of trance sound that is modern straight forward style but with old-school trance references. Punchy basslines, thumping kicks and pulsating basslines merged with brand new synthy themes and warm strings support Christina's vocals to stand out and shine. Effective and highly imaginative ReOrder remix that should go as high in the charts as the original and definitely is must-have too
1. I've Been Gone So Long (Reorder Original Mix) 3:29
2. I've Been Gone So Long (ReOrder Extended Mix)  5:34
16 May 2022 в 20:15
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