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Sander van Doorn & Purple Haze - Horizons

Rating: 3.9 Votes: 29
Title: Horizons
Label: Armind
Catalog: ARMD1656
Released: 13.05.2022
Type: Single
01. Sander van Doorn pres. Purple Haze - Horizons 4:00
02. Sander van Doorn pres. Purple Haze - Horizons (Extended Mix) 5:26

'Internationally-renowned DJ/producer Sander van Doorn returns to the release radar under his Purple Haze moniker with his latest thumping original production ‘Horizons’. The talent’s new track follows up a slew of highly successful singles under the alias such as last year’s ‘Manoeuvres’, ‘Recover’, and ‘Faces’, in addition to serving as a follow-up to Sander’s ‘Breakfast In Vegas’ from the tail end of this February. Out now via Armind, ‘Horizons’ is available to listen to across all streaming platforms.
The floor-shattering melodic techno offering is wholly anthemic in nature, providing a larger-than-life ambiance throughout its entirety. Beginning with a propelling bass and flowing rhythm, the atmospheric opus sets the stage for an eventual slower pace. An enticing vocal enters the sonic space shortly after, instilling the tune with lyricism replete with a sense of optimism and hope. The high octane sensibilities pick back up, taking the listener on a journey of sound quite unlike anything heard before it. An ambient flair, shimmering soundscapes, and heady tone round out the rest of the enthralling release, in turn producing quintessential Purple Haze listening material.'

13 May 2022 в 17:17
Отлично, очень нравится
15 Jun 2022 в 16:37
И правда отлично, не хуже чем мои любимые Bergen и Call Me
15 Jun 2022 в 16:58
Ответ на: Dawn
И правда отлично, не хуже чем мои любимые Bergen и Call Me Показать больше
Мне многие его работы под этим именем нравились
Choir 1.0, Rosy еще вспомнились и ремикс на Daft Punk, который так и не релизился вроде
15 Jun 2022 в 21:37
Автор Релиза Спасибо Вам За FLAC
16 Jun 2022 в 08:55
За СэнЭ Ван Доо пятак влепить не грешно!
16 Jun 2022 в 10:49
Последнее время замечаю что на армаде и саблейблах более менее нормальный музон стали выпускать ,что удивительно, казалось бы 
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