Margit Mono
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Ichisan - Margit Mono

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Artist: Ichisan
Title: Margit Mono
Catalog: GRNGA_ 10
Released: 13.05.2022
Type: EP
01. Margit Mono - (7:17)
02. Phonofilm - (7:35)

It's an odd little track, is 'Margit Mono'. Coming from Slovenian nu-disco stalwart Igor Skafar AKA Ichisan, it starts out with a simple rolling backbeat and a lovely little jazzy keys lick, then lollops along in said fashion for several minutes - in no way preparing you for the glacial synths that are about to storm the stage and take over the show! It shouldn't work, really, but it does and it should make 'Margit Mono' a real attention-getter out on the floor. The accompanying 'Phonofilm', meanwhile, is a 'Beefa-friendly, prog-tinged instrumental houser with an intro that's vaguely reminiscent of Atlantic Ocean's 90s classic 'Waterfall'.
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