The 8 Tones
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DR S7R4NG3 & Alex Starsound - The 8 Tones

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Title: The 8 Tones
Label: Infused Sound
Catalog: IS001
Released: 13.05.2022
Type: Single
Is anyone wishing for more peace in our world right about now, and more than ever? Well, at our label Infused Sound we have cracked the code. A team of nine of our musicians, who worked on this project, through long hours of hard work in their music labs, were able to identify, that it takes a playback of precisely eight tones in exact array of musical key types, and played in specific order to act as a sonic universal code. This globally raises the ultimate consciousness and makes our world vibrate at a higher frequency. This is where we find love, joy, peace, and enlightenment.

This release is the code for this reset. Along the way, track after track, you will be taken to different places and feel different vibes. As a result, by the end of this programming, you would have entered a new higher state of consciousness. This miraculous eight-track journey was produced by some of the very best musicians, who are honorably listed here. Go to their music pages and tell them how much you love and enjoy listening to their music.
01. The 8 Tones (Alice London's Chapter 1 Mix) 03:49
02. The 8 Tones (Hedustma's Chapter 2 Mix) 09:05
03. The 8 Tones (Kris Morton's Chapter 3 Mix) 08:01
04. The 8 Tones (DJ Darroo's Chapter 4 Mix) 07:25
05. The 8 Tones (Rainer K's Chapter 5 Mix) 05:23
06. The 8 Tones (Tommy Pulse's Chapter 6 Mix) 06:10
07. The 8 Tones (The Digital Blonde's Chapter 7 Mix) 12:58
08. The 8 Tones (Alice London's Chapter 8 Mix) 03:19
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