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Andy Faze - Thirteen

Rating: 4.3 Votes: 3
Artist: Andy Faze
Title: Thirteen
Catalog: SUB049
Released: 13.05.2022
Type: EP
Halloween is not here yet, but Friday the 13th is!

Andy Faze is back with a slamming new psychedelic EP!

The lead track 'Thirteen' is inspired by the date and the movie, with a real dark full on psychedelic energy. 'Geometric' is a deeper workout with a chugging bassline and classic tech stabs, while 'Eternal Recurrence' is a triplet style tech groover.

Something for everyone, and essential for any psy lover!
1. Andy Faze - Thirteen (Original Mix) 6:51
2. Andy Faze - Geometric (Original Mix) 6:42
3. Andy Faze - Eternal Recurrence (Original Mix) 5:11
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