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Sine - Einklang

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Artist: Sine
Title: Einklang
Label: Sine Music
Catalog: SM0222
Released: 20.05.2022
Type: Album
1.Sein 04:07
2.Hold On 04:22
3.Glittering Water 05:34
4.Closer 05:17
5.Truth Inside 04:16
6.Code Red 05:10
7.Far Away 05:14
8.It's Okey 05:06
9.Air 04:47
10.Colour Shades (Einklang Version) 04:22
11.Caught In Time 04:28
12.Ausklang 03:55

“Einklang“ (German for “to be in line”/”to harmonize”). That’s the moment of inner peace and tranquility. “Einklang” describes the ease while making music, the fusion of expression and emotion on the instrument: “Especially in these turbulent times it’s important to find moments of harmonization. I myself find those moments in music. Music can open the door to yourself and to the calm within you”, SINE says. He also finds those moments in nature. To be in line with yourself and everything around you is something you can experience almost everywhere, either alone or with your friends.
23 May 2022 в 19:04
Судя по предпрослушке, классный альбом получился. Обязательно надо его основательно послушать.
26 May 2022 в 18:11
Прослушал весь альбом, выделю треки: Sein, Hold On, Closer и Code Red
1 Jun 2022 в 17:50
Весьма приятный альбомчик!
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