Nothing Left To Say
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Midnight Evolution - Nothing Left To Say

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Title: Nothing Left To Say
Catalog: RDX493
Released: 27.05.2022
Type: Single
This pumping vocal uplifter is banging from the get go with it's clean percussion, catchy riffs and melodies and beautiful vocals that build to a perfect hands in the air breakdown before bringing you back down to dance the night away in pure heaven. A must have for your sets and shows.
01. Nothing Left To Say (Extended Mix) 06:18
02. Nothing Left To Say (Original Mix) 03:51

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Links to: MakeFlame-Rave_Like_an_Angel-(ABL096)-WEB-2022-AFO.rar 😓
26 May 2022 в 22:08
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Links to: MakeFlame-Rave_Like_an_Angel-(ABL096)-WEB-2022-AFO.rar 😓 Показать больше
sorry, fixed!
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