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Ed Sanchez - Wanderlust

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Artist: Ed Sanchez
Title: Wanderlust
Catalog: NIX259
Released: 17.06.2022
Type: Single
Hailing from Tlaxcala, México, ED SÁNCHEZ presents his Phoenix Recordings label debut WANDERLUST, an Uplifting Trance travel to far away places.

A proud father and husband, whose interests lie in the welfare of his family and Trance music, Ed has amassed a respectable amount of releases since his first appearance in 2020 with releases on labels such as Beyond the Stars/Aerodynamica, Last State, Yeiskomp, Nrgized Audio and others.
1. Ed Sánchez - Wanderlust (Extended Mix) 6:20
2. Ed Sánchez - Wanderlust (Radio Mix) 4:04
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