Rain Of Stars / Universum
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Vadim Zhukov - Rain Of Stars / Universum

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Artist: Vadim Zhukov
Title: Rain Of Stars / Universum
Catalog: J00F058
Released: 06.10.2009
Type: EP
We're proud to welcome back Vadim Zhukov from Russia, with this is his second release for JOOF recordings. Vadim sound suits us down to the ground, fitting somewhere between Progressive and Trance. The production on this release is phenomenal; Rain of star heads in a deeper direction with a hypnotic groove, whilst Universum adds a little more power with some haunting vocals.One serious slab of music for the more serious sides of your sets.

[6:52] 01. Vadim Zhukov - Rain Of Stars (Original Mix)
[8:04] 02. Vadim Zhukov - Universum (Original Mix)

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