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The Mystic - Ritual

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Artist: The Mystic
Title: Ritual
Catalog: TR148
Released: 14.06.2022
Type: EP
The Mystic comes back to Tibetania Records with her fantastic Organic House single track with Downtempo beats, mellow vocals, ancient melodies, traditional instruments, and wide harmonies that take you on a traveling mission, to different, distant worlds. "Ritual" features a variety of remixes by: Mikhail Catan, Jack Essek, MI.LA and Stefan Alexander Thomas.
Listen to the Secrets of Life!
01. Ritual (Original Mix) 06:08
02. Harvest (Original Mix) 05:20
03. Harvest (Mikhail Catan Remix) 05:25
04. Ritual (Jack Essek Remix) 07:27
05. Ritual (MI.LA Remix) 07:01
06. Harvest (Stefan Alexander Thomas Remix) 06:42
07. Harvest (Jack Essek Remix) 06:58

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