Inner Depth / Space Designer
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Fatali - Inner Depth / Space Designer

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Artist: Fatali
Title: Inner Depth / Space Designer
Catalog: J00F059
Released: 20.10.2009
Type: EP
This is a proud day for JOOF recordings having one of Israel's finest producers join the JOOF family. His unique blend of deep Progressive and Trance has become synonymous to him creating a monster fan base taking him across the World touring. Inner depth being the more laid back of the two, yet remaining powerful with those thumping beats and electronic melodies. Space designer however, takes things up a notch with that thundering rollin bass deep as hell!! We think this is Progressi
[7:22] 1. Fatali - Inner Depth (Original Mix)
[7:00] 2. Fatali - Space Designer (Original Mix)

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