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ArkAngel - Adobe

Rating: 4.4 Votes: 5
Artist: ArkAngel
Title: Adobe
Catalog: ENCHILL047E
Released: 15.06.2022
Type: Single
01. ArkAngel - Adobe 4:21

Making his debut on the label with a spectacular first single is Californian multi-instrumentalist / producer Arkangel. The first track from his forthcoming album, 'Adobe' is a sign of great things to come from an artist who blends together danceable rhythms with expansive production, grand atmospheric soundscapes and inviting, introspective vocals. The track is captivating in its construction, opening with a powerful, cinematic passage that leads into a track that pulses with assured intent as hypnotic drums, airy vocal pads, groovy guitars and an impressive lead vocal are combined effortlessly.
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