XT Planet
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Khoa Tran - XT Planet

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Artist: Khoa Tran
Title: XT Planet
Catalog: ABRD284
Released: 16.06.2022
Type: Single
In that distant place, the bright sky, countless stars are watching our beautiful earth. What kind of scene is it in the boundless universe?

There is a beautiful, rich world. A planet full of vitality, where there is no war, no smoke of gunpowder, and no sadness, no pain... everything seems so peaceful.

Maybe 'Xanadu' in people's hearts is like this. Welcome to the majestic XT Planet.
01. XT Planet (Intro Mix) [07:33]
02. XT Planet (Extended Mix) [07:32]
03. XT Planet (Ikerya Project Extended Remix) [08:00]
04. XT Planet (Original Mix) [05:21]
05. XT Planet (Ikerya Project Remix) [03:51]

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