Come Back Home
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4th Corner - Come Back Home

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Artist: 4th Corner
Title: Come Back Home
Label: Dodo Records
Catalog: DODO 2
Released: 17.06.2022
Type: Single
01. Come Back Home - (4:52)
02. Come Back Home (Patchouli mix) - (5:36)

We have no idea who 4th Corner are and a quick web search brings up no useful info, but we can safely say that the artist's debut for the Patchouli Brothers' DODO imprint is a modern disco anthem in the making. Combining sweet, uplifting female vocals with authentic disco instrumentation and weighty, hybrid disco/house beats, the track is organic and authentic enough to delight disco purists while also boasting enough bottom-end heaviness to please DJs and dancers who like it a little more housey. The Patchouli twosome provide the obligatory remix, brilliantly re-framing the track as a hands-in-the-air, retro-futurist piano-house smasher that's as timeless-sounding as it is significantly sizeable.
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