Paper Heart
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Fawzy & Ren Faye & Jeff Rush - Paper Heart

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Title: Paper Heart
Label: Nrgized Audio
Catalog: NRG106
Released: 17.06.2022
Type: Single
We are very happy to present an absolute awsome release here on Nrgized Audio! FAWZY and Jeff Rush are back... this time together with amazing vocalist Ren Faye! Paper Heart will truly blow you away... trance at its absolute best!

Also, we welcome top prodcuer LR Uplift to the label with his stunning instrumental remix of Paper Heart. Killer remix for sure!

Hope you like this massive release from these amazing persons and producers!
1. Paper Heart (Vocal Mix) 6:46
2. Paper Heart (Dub Mix) 6:46
3. Paper Heart (LR Uplift Instrumental Remix) 7:09
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