Mono Impact
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Zy Khan - Mono Impact

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Artist: Zy Khan
Title: Mono Impact
Catalog: OSO019
Released: 17.06.2022
Type: EP
01. Mono Impact 6:24
02. Universal Language 6:24

Zy Khan is a well-known name in the upcoming techno scene already. As a producer, he has a forward-thinking sound that speaks louder than words and thus he ended up to our imprint with a 2-tracker EP called "Mono Impact". His new richly expressed release is a spectacular two-part ensemble running almost 15 minutes. The "Mono Impact" track is suitable for every melodic DJ, announcing itself with punchy kick drums, deep and rumbling bass; is a powerful but yet emotion-tinged melodic techno track that transports you on an ethereal realm. "Universal Language" is a powerful but at the same time harmonious track with a sweeping synthesizer that alternates with multiple organic percussions and top-notch notes that carry us to the climax of our experience. The hypnotic lines weave in and out and shifts in ambiance and frequencies unfold.
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