Anywhere & Anytime
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Andres Selada - Anywhere & Anytime

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Artist: Andres Selada
Title: Anywhere & Anytime
Catalog: SDR544
Released: 04.06.2022
Type: Single
Colombian mainstay Andres Selada returns to Sundance Recordings with a fresh delivery of his uniquely pleasing productions in 'Anywhere & Anytime'.

Chock full of nostalgic leads, growling bass notes and whirring atmospherics 'Anywhere & Anytime' delivers a sensational renowned uplifting touch back to the label.

Proving he fits right at home on Sundance Recordings, we're proud to bring Andres Selada's inimitable style to the label with the brilliant 'Anywhere & Anytime'.
1. Anywhere & Anytime 07:04
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