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Rodg - Sola

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Artist: Rodg
Title: Sola
Label: Anjunabeats
Catalog: ANJ812D
Released: 20.06.2022
Type: Single
Dutch producer RODG unveils ‘Sola’, his first solo single on Anjunabeats.
Influenced by progressive legends Sasha and John Digweed, RODG has been producing for over a decade. He’s been a regular on Group Therapy over the years, and previously contributed two remixes to Anjunabeats, reworking Fatum, Genix, Jaytech & Judah’s super-collaboration ‘All In’ in 2019, and Super8 & Tab’s ‘Slow To Learn’ in 2021 as part of the Empire 10 celebrations.
A long-time friend of the label, we’re thrilled to welcome original music from him onto Anjunabeats. Selected by Fatum for their Anjunabeats Worldwide 10 mix compilation, ‘Sola’ effortlessly blends tech-trance with modern progressive.
“Rodg's talent as a producer has evolved into something really unique and forward thinking. This has to be one of our favourite songs on the compilation, hands down!” - Fatum
RODG ‘Sola’ is out now on Anjunabeats.

Rodg - Sola (Extended Mix) 5:52
20 Jun 2022 в 21:47
Далеко не самая интересная работа из компилы, отдельно нет желания оставлять
21 Jun 2022 в 09:26
Интересные работы Анджуны за последние 11 лет можно пересчитать по пальцам) Эта к ним не относится, естественно.
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