My Legacy
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michel westerhoff - My Legacy

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Title: My Legacy
Catalog: NIX260
Released: 24.06.2022
Type: Single
Holland's MICHEL WESTERHOFF returns to Phoenix Recordings with his third label track MY LEGACY, an uplifting progresser for the big Trance floors.

Following his 2021 label debut "Minotaur" and the collab "I Miss You" together with US based spoken word poetry artist Sarah Lyons, the talent is back with this newest legacy.

Michel has released a string of productions since his introduction to the Trance scene in 2018 with releases on Redux Recordings, State Vision, Ablazing and Above All Records.
1. Michel Westerhoff - My Legacy (Extended Mix) 7:21
2. Michel Westerhoff - My Legacy (Radio Mix) 4:31
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