Locomotion / Oasis
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Luden - Locomotion / Oasis

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Artist: Luden
Title: Locomotion / Oasis
Catalog: ENCHILL048E
Released: 22.06.2022
Type: EP
Luden impresses with the 'Locomotion / Oasis' EP.

Building on the magnetic 'Shelter' and 'Montage / Strangers' EPs he has brought to the fore so far is NYC-based producer Luden. His sound is immaculate on this new two-track release; airy vocals, cacophonous, shuffling percussion and tender synths come together with ease on the graceful 'Locomotion', while 'Oasis' is brooding and mysterious, anchored around a delicate piano as Luden builds up an ethereal soundscape of drums and FX into an impressive wall of sound.
01. Locomotion 03:17
02. Oasis 03:38

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