Offshore (Kryder Remix)
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Chicane - Offshore (Kryder Remix)

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Artist: Chicane
Title: Offshore (Kryder Remix)
Catalog: MDA049
Released: 01.07.2022
Type: Single
Reworking one of the most beloved Balearic anthems of all time, Kryder guides Chicane's 1997 classic 'Offshore' back to contemporary dance floors. Fusing the original track's irresistible atmosphere and iconic piano tones with his signature jacked-up beats, the U.K. producer pays tribute to the timeless masterpiece from a creator he himself holds in high regard.
Chicane - Offshore (Kryder Extended Remix) 6:53
31 Jul 2022 в 19:21

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1. Offshore (Kryder Remix)               03:16;
2. Offshore                                      04:28;
3. Offshore (Kryder Extended Remix) 07:04.
2 Aug 2022 в 06:20
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